Do You Need Ab Workouts? 3 Signs That You Do!

This is not to say that diet alone will get you the results you seek. Despite what the marketers for the latest miracle diet pill will tell do have to train your ab muscles if you want them to develop. The good news is, you don’t have to do a million crunches and sit ups and spend hours running nowhere on a treadmill to sculpt a tight, flat stomach.

This is a common method used mostly by beginner – intermediate trainers. The superset’s method involves 1 exercise being followed straight away with another exercise. This usually involves opposite muscles (e.g. chest then back) or upper versus lower body (chest then a leg exercise).

To begin the exercise, stand with your feet at shoulder width position. Bend your knees slightly and grasp a dumbbell in your right hand with your palm facing your body and then place your left hand on your waist. Bend slowly to the right from the waist and then bring yourself back up. Now, bend slowly to the left in the same manner and then bring yourself back up. Make sure that your right arm is kept straight throughout the movement. Complete your reps and then repeat the exercise with the dumbbell held in your left hand.

Your workouts can work well if you have the right diet to go with it. Eating fatty foods and consuming sweets during your workouts for abs will not be effective. You will have to sacrifice a little bit to get the flat abs that you want.

Like all good ab routines do, your routine must include crunches. Just don’t jump to Rocky-like crunches just yet. The regular crunch requires you to lie on the floor, with your knees bet and your feet off the floor, in a balanced position. As a beginner, you should keep your hands along the body, horizontally. This way, you will get some extra help when you lift your head and shoulder blades off the floor. If you feel strong, also bring the knees in, as you lift your upper body from the floor. If you don’t feel up for it, just keep your knees and legs in balance and let the upper body do the movements.

Another excellent technique is to eat 5-6 small meals instead of three large meals in a day. This will help ensure that you do not experience hunger pangs and grab fatty snacks in between meals. The ideal ratio for each of your meals is one part fats, two parts protein, and three parts carbohydrates. This is, however, not a strict guideline and you can vary it a little bit. For example, it is advisable to take in more protein and carbohydrates after exercise. Finally, never forget to supplement your diet with a daily dose of multivitamins.

A strong core is necessary to protect your spine and keep your body healthy. Many consider this the powerhouse of the body. Exercises like Pilates function around the power of the core and focus on ways to continue to strengthen the mid-section.

Another way of getting your legs involved is to use the simple floor crunch but extend your legs upwards. Keeping your legs in this fixed position while you reach your chest towards your feet, will do good for your muscles.

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