Insanity Max 30

One of the best ab exercises that you can add to your workout is the bicycle. The pedaling motion combined with the turning of the upper body left and right creates a wonderful treat for the abs. 12 – 15 repetitions of 1 – 3 sets does the trick for the abs. Another exercise that you can add to your program is the ball crunch. As you pull the lower rib cage towards the ceiling, you can feel the muscles in your stomach beginning to strengthen with each crunch. The reverse crunch is a great addition to a workout. The lifting and lowering of your hips tone and sculpt the abs.

The rule of thumb for anyone who wants to start working out is Warm up! I cannot stress enough the importance of getting your muscles gradually ready for the following effort. Warmed up and stretched muscles will perform better and with no or less pain. Plus, starting your training session with a warm-up will help you sustain your regular workouts in the long run.

That’s right, your abs and lower back muscles are there to stabilize the part of your body between your chest and pelvis, and it is stabilizing exercises that will train your ab muscles much more efficiently than crunches.