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The Strangest Fashion Trends Around the World.

There are certain things that we cannot do without in the modern world. One of them is clothes. Other than being a basin need, people used clothes to show statements. This is because different types of clothes have been a symbol of identity for certain groups in society for many years. Fashion designers are quite several. This is the reason each one of them is trying hard to come up with something different and unique. According to so many people, there are a number of fashion trends that have proven to be quite strange. Some of these fashion trends are as follows. The Mexican pointy boots are among them. Most people came to know about these boots in the year 2009. The widespread of these boots is attributed to musicians and DJs who have embraced them.

The other example of strangest fashion trends around the world is eyeball tattoo. This is where the cornea of the human eye is tattooed. Corneal tattooing is how this form of tattoo is commonly referred to. Some people choose to be tattooed on the inner white part of the eye an exercise known as a scleral tattoo. One thing about this procedure is that it is very risky. When it comes to the fashion industry, this is one of the most controversial trends. The other example is that of meggings. These are basically leggings made for men. Over the past one year, the popularity of this clothing has shot up. Polyester is the main material used to make the clothing. Some people dislike these clothing because they do not have pockets and also because they are only washed using cold water. One can read about meggings in various sites.

The other example is China’s facekini. This fashion trend has gained a lot of popularity among the women in China during the hot season. This garment is designed to protect them from harmful UV rays and jellyfish while at the beach. This garment is slowly gaining popularity around the world as well. It is a covering the leave out the eyes, mouth, and nose. There is also bagel head. Its practice is most common in Japan yet it originated in Canada. The shape of a bagel head resembles that of a bagel or a doughnut. However, it is not a permanent modification. It takes only 6-24 hours for the modification to disappear. The swelling comes as a result of the insertion of saline under one’s forehead. The swell is then pressed into the desired shape.

The other strange fashion trends around the world is Hitler’s chic. Hitler’s chic originated in Thailand. Images of Hitler can be seen on t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, as well as other places. There is also the Moschino’s dry cleaner dress. This clear dress was introduced earlier this year by Moschino.

Lastly, fashion is used by people to express themselves. Therefore, it is something that everyone should embrace.

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