Top Cardio Workout Machines To Lose Belly Fat And Get Flat Abs

Actually, you’ll find that the exercises you like the most are usually the ones that work best for you- again, mostly because you’ll stick with them. Not too surprising, right?

These exercises are great to incorporate in your workout to get abs because they burn fat, build muscle, burn a lot of calories, and boost your metabolism.

Several variations of this exercise can be done to change the resistance and add more challenge to your workout. Instead of supporting your weight with your knees, try to support your body with your feet. Alternately, you can have one leg and one knee as a support. However, if there is pain in your lower back, immediately stop what you are doing to prevent injuries.

Crunches are another effective abs workout tool for building up the ab muscles using an exercise ball. Remember not to roll because that causes injuries. Continue this exercise with 10 to 16 reps.

But, it is actually more about form than anything else. No matter what type of workouts for abs that you are performing, always make sure that you are in a comfortable position. It is best to practice your workouts no more than three days per week. Like every other part of the body, there is a risk for overworking the abdominal muscles. Whether you are muscle building, or trying to burn fat, the ab muscles should never be worked too hard.

It doesn’t do you any good to set up a quick, temporary workout program for your abs that you ditch at the first sign of boredom or frustration. So you’re going to have to experiment with what you’ll stick with in the long term if you expect to keep your six pack once you have it.

The reason for this is that crunches and situp exercises isolate ab muscles, which only tone them, but don’t burn the layer of fat above them. Another reason situps and crunches don’t work to get a nice set of abs is that it is not possible to spot train any one area of the body.

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